Why Property Styling?

It’s simple. Your home is your most valuable asset. By styling, we can bring your home to its full potential, not only for a faster sale but for the best possible price.

Beautiful styling creates an emotional response from the buyer.

Why choose The Style Exchange?

Choose The Style Exchange because we go the extra yard, our team delivers the love your home deserves.

First, the creative selection. Which style best suits the home? Is it a Hamptons-style property or is it industrial? Is it contemporary or stylishly modern?

And then the careful selection of art, installed professionally to all rooms of the house.

The Style Exchange also goes even further by adding white goods to the home. We do not believe in leaving gaps. Our team firmly believes that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

We draw from a deep understanding of what makes your home stand out from the rest. Our aim is to paint a picture that the buyer falls in love with on that first inspection. Our goal is to connect with human emotion.

Attention to Detail

Our aim is to connect with the buyer. We do this by consulting with the selling agent as to who the target audience is. This then forms a strategic step as to how the home will be staged.

The Style Exchange

Since 2012 we have styled over a thousand properties, and the success rate of sales is staggering. Our business comes from 100% recommendation from our Real Estate Agents and previous clients.

We like to consider ourselves a return on investment; with prices starting from $2000 dollars up, money spent on styling can in most cases return you that amount many times over.


The Process From Start to Finish

1. Appointment

If you are reading this then most likely the appointment has already taken place. The Style Exchange works on recommendation from our agents rather than advertising so most likely this appointment process has been made by one of our trusted Real Estate Agents.

During this appointment of normally thirty minutes we will discuss the process of styling, take measurements of all rooms and take pictures for our records.

2. Our Quote

Within 24 hours of the appointment, you, the client, will receive our quote. If you want to go ahead with our services we just require a return email.

This will also have details of how many rooms are to be staged and, most importantly for you, the price.


This will normally be done with The Style Exchange liaising with your Agent. Hire periods start at 5 weeks for the initial hire and can be extended as needed.

We normally need a week’s notice to organise quotes and installation.


Now it’s time for the trucks to roll and the team to begin the set up. All trades need to have finished by now. Sorry, we like to do this without any one watching 🙂

We normally finish in time for a same day photo shoot, which is arranged by your Agent and added to the web the next day.


Once the property is under contract we can start to discuss the removal of the goods. This is normally done in liaison with your Real Estate Agent.

6. Payment

Payment is to be made 48 hours prior to installation. The details are on the tax invoice.

Have a question not answered here? Please read our FAQ or contact us.